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Welcome To Muscadine Meadows!
Muscadine Meadows is an Organic, family-owned vineyard located in Athens, GA, only 3 miles from the scenic University of Georgia campus.  Our vineyard is over 40 years old!  It was planted in the 1970's and was a popular U-Pick operation.
Organic Muscadine Grapes in Athens, GA
Dr. Karen and Dr. Mike, retired UGA professors, bought the vineyard in 2005 and have slowly uncovered and resurrected the mature vines.  We now have irrigation in place, and our grapes are producing a bounty of beautiful bronze and purple organic spheres!
Healthy Muscadines!
New research by University of Georgia scientists and others has shown that muscadines have many times the Resveratrol of blueberries!  Commonly known as Scuppernongs (bronze or white muscadines), and Muscadines (red or purple muscadines), these grapes have been a staple in the rural SE United States for many years!

U-Pick or We-Pick.

Contact us for a time to come pick or to purchase already-picked muscadines!

Learn about the health benefits of muscadines!

Contact us:

Send us an email