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Dr. Karen L. Jacobsen, talking to dairymen in Malawi about reproduction and nutrition.  These dairymen had 1 or 2 cows each, and carried their milk to a "Milk Bulking Group" in the milk cans you see on their bicycles.  A single dairy cow in Malawi can take a family from abject poverty (mud hut, mud floor, thatched roof) to "Malawi middle class" (block house, concrete floor, tin roof).

Global Dairy Volunteers eGroup

The Global Dairy Volunteers Yahoo Group is for people who have volunteered or are interested in volunteering to assist dairy farmers and/or the dairy industry in developing countries.  This forum was developed for dairy volunteers to:

- network with other dairy volunteers working in developing countries

- share information on upcoming volunteer assignments with various non-profit organizations in a specific country

- share assistance in sharing global dairy resources

- post information about dairy industries in developing countries that may be useful for other volunteers

 The Global Dairy Volunteers internet discussion group (eGroup) is moderated by Dr. Karen L. Jacobsen. 

Link to GlobalDairyVolunteers eGroup