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The "Easy Dairy Spanish" set is a 100-page book with 78 minutes of Audio (formerly a CD, now via .mp3!)

The book: "Easy Dairy Spanish" includes sections on:
- Basic pronunciation of Spanish
- Dairy Spanish, in 16 work-related sections
- Everyday Basic Spanish words and phrases
- English-Spanish Dairy Dictionary
- Spanish-English Dairy Dictionary

The Audio (.mp3 audio files sent to your email): Words and phrases are pronounced first in English, then in Spanish, and are followed by a pause for the listener to repeat. The Dairy Dictionaries are included in the book (English-Spanish and Spanish-English).

  "Easy Dairy Spanish" Book & Audio .mp3 (formerly a CD) set

These resources were developed by Dr. Karen Jacobsen, a dairy veterinarian and former University of Georgia professor. She is assisted on the professional recordings by Ms. Elsa Villena, a native speaker of Mexican and Latin American Spanish.

The book and CD can also be used to help Spanish-speaking personnel learn English.

(Topics marked with * are Tracks on the Audio)

Basic Spanish Pronunciaton 2
Accentuation in Spanish 2

*People on the Dairy Farm 3
*At the Job Interview 3
*Animals on the Dairy 5
*Parts of the Cow's Body 5
*Reproduction 6
*Milking procedure 7
*Mastitis Control and Quality Milk Production
*Youngstock 10
*Sick Cows & Medicine 10
*Environment & Housing 12
*Crops and Feeding 13
*Some Common Words and Phrases 14
*Tools & equipment 16
*Vehicles and Machinery 17
*Health, Safety, and Clothing 18

The Family 19
Directions and Locations 19
More Common Words 20
Days of the Week 20
Holidays 21
The Seasons of the Year 21
The Weather 21
Other Animal Names 22
Time 22
The Colors 23
Sports 23
Food 23
Household Terms 24
Units of Measure 25
The Numbers 26
The Spanish Alphabet 27

English to Spanish 28
Spanish to English 62

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